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We are All truly impassioned by Travel! This is why we are Travel Advisors! Our commitment is to ensure you the vacation experience you desired and more! Our goal is to bring you back for repeat vacations!



A seasoned traveler and owner of So Fine Travel. I wish everyone could see and travel as much as I do. The world we live in is amazing and each continent so culturally unique and physically beautiful. To ensure we have the best access to hotels, shops, air, I have aligned SO Fine Travel to be affiliated with Travel Leaders and CCRA; therefore, having a multitude of land and sea affiliate contacts. This great team will make All your vacation dreams come true. Thank you for choosing So Fine Travel!

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Paula Blum-Tezil

In the field for over 20 years, Paula is a very experienced travel agent. She has sent thousands of satisfied and repeat travelers all over the world by air, land and sea. With  many useful connections in the travel and tourism industry, Paula puts all her knowledge and heart into every booking, big or small.
Specialty Areas: Caribbean, Bahamas, Hawaii, Florida and adventure travel.



Carmen Vazquez Matthews:

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is the opportunity to travel to new places, explore cultures, visit historical and cultural sites, enjoy the culinary delights, flavors , enjoy the sights and encounter and engage with people of diverse backgrounds . And most of all travel with companions or loved ones to create shared memories or engage in service learning projects that align with your passions, aspirations and values. Are you ready to explore?!

So Fine travel has invited me to create wonderful experiences for you. I particularly love planning Hawaiian vacations, Southern European experiences, and both ocean and river cruising. Of course Napa Valley and So Cal are destinations we can work together on. My many years of personal experience and professional customer service acumen will work to create your dream adventure.

What fun! I'm both determined and eager to work with So Fine Travel.


Rosalind Gunner 

For the past 16 years, Rosalind Gunner has enjoyed planning vacations (independent travel, tours, cruises and all-inclusives) for clients within their desired budgets to destinations throughout the world. Rosalind offers excellent customer services and expert knowledge, having traveled the globe extensively. You name the destination and there is a strong likelihood that Rosalind has been there. In many instances, she has been there multiple times by land and cruise tours. As a travel consultant, Rosalind gets great pleasure in knowing that her assistance has contributed to wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

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