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We are All truly impassioned by Travel!  This is why we are in this industry!  Our commitment is to ensure you the vacation experience you desired and to bring you back for repeat vacations!

A seasoned traveler and owner of the So Fine Travel, with an affiliation Results Travel; therefore, having a multitude of land and sea affiliate contacts.  No trip is too small!
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My name is Phyllis. I recently retired from my career as a pediatric nurse administrator and I have decided to pursue my passion for travel by helping you plan a wonderful vacation. I have been traveling with friends and family for years, and have had the chance to explore many countries around the world. My favorite trips have been traveling around the Mediterranean, and I have a special place in my heart for Italy, where I have explored over 30 cities. I also love coastal vacations, cruises, and private boat charters (pretty much anything on the water!). I have always enjoyed organizing trips for my family, and I look forward to planning your next vacation so you and your loved ones can focus on enjoying a wonderful trip in an exciting and beautiful location.
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